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laptop keyboard

Do you have a laptop and the keyboard no longer works? Then 123waldo can be the solution for replacing your laptop keyboard. We have different types of keyboards that you can place in your laptop. For example, we have keyboards in stock for the best-known brands that you can install quickly and easily. Before you know it, you can resume using your laptop.

What does a laptop keyboard cost?

The costs for a new laptop keyboard are lower than you might initially think. For a few bucks you already have a new keyboard for your laptop and you can get back to work right away. With our separate laptop keyboards, you no longer have to buy a new laptop with a defective keyboard, and you can easily solve the problem yourself.

How do you replace the keyboard?

Replacing a keyboard may seem very complicated in the first case. Nothing could be further from the truth, because only with a few adjustments to the laptop, you already have the keyboard loose and it can be replaced by a new laptop keyboard. You can find different laptop keyboards in our webshop.

Why a new laptop keyboard?

You may think that replacing your laptop keyboard is not a necessity. You can still work around a number of malfunctioning buttons or broken buttons. However, this may only worsen and therefore become increasingly difficult to use your laptop. Especially if important keys like the backspace, enter or space . With a new keyboard for your laptop you have solved this in no time and you can get back to work with the laptop in no time.

Why replace a laptop keyboard at 123waldo?

We only work with high quality materials. This makes our products extremely sturdy and durable. This ensures that your new laptop keyboard will last for a long time. The keyboards you order from us always belong to the chosen model. So no messing around with a keyboard that doesn't fit! You can contact us for laptop keyboards for brands such as Apple , Asus , Acer , Lenovo , Dell and much more!

Our laptop keyboards are QWERTY

With us you can be sure that you get the right laptop keyboard. All our laptop keyboards are QWERTY, or suitable and arranged in the order in which almost all computers in the Netherlands work. This makes replacing a laptop keyboard a simple task and you can be sure that nothing has changed on the laptop itself. In short, after installing our keyboards, your laptop will feel like old times again! If you have any questions about our laptop keyboards or other products, you can always contact us without obligation!