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Charging cable car

Driving an electric car is increasingly becoming the new normal these days. Almost every car brand has released an electric or hybrid car in the last few years. Refueling is unnecessary in the case of an electric car, but a car charging cable is necessary. An electric car must be charged regularly with an electric car charging cable, so that you can just drive anywhere without having to take into account whether you will make it. At 123Waldo we have a wide range of car charging cables. You have come to the right place if you would like to charge your electric or hybrid car from home.

An electric car charger for optimal use of your car

You can generally charge electric cars in many places. Spread throughout Europe , there are numerous charging points along the highway or in the interior where the car can be charged. Many large companies also have a few charging stations in the parking spaces of the offices. In addition, the larger parking spaces or garages often have a few charging stations to charge your car. However, it can sometimes happen that you are somewhere where there is no charging station. To easily charge your car from home, you need an electric car charger. With this car charging cable you can simply charge your car from home. In this way you no longer have to take charge points at parking lots or offices into account.

With a charging station at home you can therefore make better use of your electric car. You take away a certain stress that you normally always have when it comes to charging your car. With a home charger electric car you can charge your car while you are just at home. So you don't have to wait in a parking lot along the highway, but you can charge your car while you are sleeping at home.

Also a charging cable hybrid car

At 123Waldo we also have a range of charging cables for hybrid cars. The advantage of a hybrid car is that you always have extra security because you can also drive on petrol. So if you don't quite manage to drive electrically, the hybrid car automatically switches to driving on petrol. Still, it is better to drive electrically as much as possible. With a hybrid car charging cable you can charge your car extra from home. This means you don't have to drive away on petrol in the morning, but you can immediately drive off electrically.

The wide range of car charging cables at 123Waldo

123Waldo is the right place for you when it comes to car charging cables. Our team has many years of experience in a diverse number of types of cables, accumulators and batteries. In addition to car charging cables, our website also offers a wide range of chargers and other accessories. At 123Waldo you are assured of a fast delivery of your electric car charging cable in both the Netherlands and Belgium. Our team is happy to assist you and will gladly advise and help you further. In addition to the wide range of chargers and batteries, there are also a lot of tips & tricks on our website. 123Waldo.nl can therefore also be a good source of knowledge in the field of chargers and accessories. So don't hesitate anymore about that car charging cable and choose quality at 123Waldo!